Building An Immune System—Building Community: Germs II

Ever since hand sanitizers entered the market and started becoming the standard for disease prevention I have said that I believe they are also harmful.

22 years with a (previous) spouse with a compromised immune system and I recognized early on that basic hygiene was more important than anything. Living in a sterile environment does not build an immune system.

I try to avoid anti-bacterials as much as possible. We need some bacteria in our lives to keep us balanced and healthy.

My recent bout with a chronic cough and congestion are no exception… I think they are lingering due to added stress… Which also weakens the immune system. Blech!


Wylde Thistle

Nature gives us patterns to follow. She builds community in nature with plant groupings. These groupings of plants seem random and casual to a surface observation, but with a more in-depth approach to our study, we discover that plants will only grow and thrive in an area where the conditions are right. Plants have a natural affinity to plants that create favorable conditions for their own growth. Many plants give off substances that are toxic to other plants; helping them to choose their own neighbors.

Our bodies are much like this. We are walking ecosystems. Both inside and out, our bodies are home to microscopic organisms. We experience health when these organisms are in balance. It’s just like a community of plants, animals, and people. There is much diversity – each tiny bacteria or yeast doing its job; taking what it needs and returning something useful to the system. Until…

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