We have been exploring composting toilets for our motorhome… Nature’s Head is one of the toilets we are looking at.

Aggie's Farm

two-story-outhouse Not what we have in mind, but available locally.
First, we do not mean outhouses. We mean professionally made, ventilated, odorless composting toilets. Our choice is the Nature’s Head. They cost a thousand bucks, but a septic system would cost ten thousand, and we would have to tear up our soil with leach fields and such. Rose and I had this model on the boat when we sailed around the world. We wanted to put one in our motor home before she died, to avoid having to go dump our sewage.

With a good composting toilet, urine and feces are separated, preventing anaerobic activity that generates foul odors. You just turn the handle after #2, to mix your excretions with the composting medium (peat or sawdust, for example). With two people using it you have to change the medium every six months, and what comes out is not foul-smelling…

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