Say hello to my little friends…

I’ve been vermicomposting since just before Thanksgiving… My worms are doing well and producing nicely. I still have some learning to do but I suspect in a couple of more months to see some beautiful results.

My mom isn’t too happy about the worm bin living in the office, but you wouldn’t even know it is there. No odor what-so-ever, and they don’t make any noise as they chomp away on the waste I add regularly.

~ Molly

Molly & Fred's Excellent Adventures

Well, I’ve done it again. I love learning new things and now have about 1000 new “little friends” getting acclimated in my home.

Who are they you may ask…


Why worms of course!

We have a lot to learn before we get back to Alaska. What better way to figure things out than to try them out down here “in Amerika” where we still have all of our creature comforts and easy access to stores and stuff.




Fortunately there are a lot of resources out there and I actually know people in Alaska who are raising chickens, goats and yes, even worms.

I am going to start small scale and learn as much as I can so that when we move I’ll have the basics down and will be able to focus in preparing our land and getting things set up instead of trying to figure how to “grow things”.

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