All’s Well in Wormville

Thought I would check in on my squirmy friends today.

They are doing well, very well indeed. I will be adding another layer in the next week or so. The first layer smells GREAT! Like rich loamy earth. The second layer is actively being worked by the worms and they appear to be multiplying.

I’ll have a better idea of how things are progressing once that first layer is finished and processed.

I currently keep “Wormville” in my office. It is close to the kitchen and the back door.

Mom is not too happy about that. Not too happy at all. We’ll see how long they get to stay in the house.

I start school on Monday. I’m looking forward to learning new things. I do not know nearly enough of what I need to be successful in the village.

Most likely I won’t have much opportunity to practice while here at mom’s either… She’s not too excited about vegetables growing in her front yard and chickens are most definitely out of the question.


Maybe I’ll get her to change her mind… Maybe, but doubtful.

~ Molly

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