Year of Soils

I have a Masters in Health Administration and a Bachelors in Public Administration/Economic Development but absolutely no clue about what I am going to be studying for the next year – Environmental Horticulture.

One of my first classes is Soils… I am so new to this that I am actually nervous about school right now.

This post and related references were great and hopefully information such as this will help me supplement my learning and I won’t appear to be totally ignorant on the subjects I will be taking in school.

~ Molly

Permaculture Hamilton


Many of us took today, January 2, as a holiday and are poring over seed catalogues, dreaming of spring. By now, you probably know the UN General Assembly declared 2015 the International Year of Soils. When you choose your seeds this year, please buy soil builders, like comfrey and nitrogen-fixing legumes. Here’s why:

  • 95% of our food comes from soil, since most animals we consume feed exclusively on plants
  • Every minute, 2 hectares (about 5 acres) of soil are covered by expanding cities (globally)
  • We lose 50,000 square kilometres (about 19,305 square miles) of soil annually, equivalent to the size of Costa Rica
  • Soil experts estimate we have 60 years of topsoil left, so famine looms in 2075, if we do nothing
  • We need to increase agricultural productivity by 60% to feed our projected population growth
  • We could produce 58% more food if we used sustainable soil management practices

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