Winter Quarter Cropping Assignments

Well, its official, I have my cropping assignments for this quarter.

I am pretty nervous about them…


Not sure that mine are going to turn out this pretty, we’ll see in about 14 weeks. Just in time for the Summer Plant Sale at school.

Our assignment includes researching each crop and growing it from seed to sale.

I am feeling a bit intimidated about the Dahlia’s. When the crops were all listed on the white board, there wasn’t a description about how difficult they will be to grow or what pests you may be dealing with. SURPRISE!!! Thank goodness we have crop notes from previous years students to guide us.

I’m looking at 60 flats of flowers and 20 flats of tomatoes. The pressure is on because this is a major fundraising event for the program and this is one assignment that I do not want to fail!

My guess is that I have not grown anything in over 15 years (see previous post)… I don’t even have house plants at this point. Today was the first day that I actually dug around in the dirt and soft pinched plants in the greenhouse. It felt good, really good.

I have no idea what some of the terms I am hearing actually mean, but I am learning.

Day 2 – ✔️

We have Wednesdays off in our program… Not to worry though, I have plenty of projects and work to do at home!

~ Molly