My Plastic Dilemma

We are working really hard to cut our expenses in 2015.

Last year we ate out – A LOT!

My goal in 2015 is to start prepping meals in advance every couple of weeks.

Part of our eating out issue was that by the time Fred and I got home from work we were exhausted and the last thing we wanted to think about was “what’s for dinner?”


Mom never really has much of an appetite so the three of us often look at each other when the “what do you want for dinner question” is asked and all three of us inevitably respond with “I don’t know” or “I don’t care.”

I mean, the last thing I want to have to do is make another decision…

Knowing that we need to eat better, more regularly, healthier and at home, I entered 2015 with a plan to do some meal prep. You know, the “cook and prep 20 meals at a time” thing. Freezer crock pot meals. Easy peasy, wham bam, and we are done.

What’s my problem? I just can’t get over the fact that every “plan” that is designed to save you time and money requires the use of plastic bags… Lots of them!

My dilemma with plastic is that I am trying to reduce waste, not create it. Creating biodegradable waste is one thing, it can be reused in other ways… Like compost. Plastic? Not so much.

It’s like a mental block… I just can’t get myself “prepping” because I can’t get over the whole plastic bag thing.

The good news… We have been cooking at home. Every day in January so far…

I need some help. If you do regular meal prep do you use plastic, i.e. ZipLoc bags or a Seal-A-Meal?

Any suggestions for how to prep meals without adding to the landfill problem?

3 thoughts on “My Plastic Dilemma

  1. I save containers like plastic quart yogurt containers. Every container and every ziploc bag gets washed and reused over and over. Ziplocs can be draped over a jar to dry on the countertop, hung on the lingerie dryer, or hung outside on the clothesline… It IS a snitch trying to find time to cook, and this really has helped me… I started doing this after a coworker who had been to Africa with the Peace Corps told me how the people would use a styrofoam cup till it fell apart… Simple good wishes for your simplifying process!


    1. Thanks Aggie! I’ve heard many different things about reusing ziploc bags… Not being able to get them clean enough etc.

      I’m getting enough feedback (positive) that I am going to give it a try.


      1. Oh, hehe. One of my theories of minimalism is that we develop a healthy immune system through exercising it, and I’ve never given much thought to germs. If I hang them outside in the sunlight, I pretty much know the germs are destroyed. If you use the dishwasher you could put them in the top rack, probably, inside out. I do turn them inside out to wash them. Cheers!


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