Seed Sowing… Intentional (and Unintentional)

Friday was a busy day at school. 14 weeks until the big plant sale and research shows that for my Dahlia’s to be ready and blooming by the sale I needed to get the seeds sown before I left school for the weekend.

I can’t remember the last time I actually started anything from seed. Maybe Nasturtiums? And they didn’t grow…

In addition to sowing seeds on Friday we also practice pruning. We will be doing a lot of that this quarter. It was a cold and foggy day. Reminded me of hiking days in Alaska… I really miss those.

It is hard to keep track of everything and know what to bring to each activity. For instance, we had a seed sowing demonstration on Thursday so I took a lot of notes, which I left in the locked classroom on Friday when it was time to sow seeds. Go figure.

I did most of my sowing by memory and I am a bit anxious to see how things look next week as I should be seeing germination around Wednesday. I am crossing my fingers that I will see evidence of germination…any evidence.


I came home the other night to find that I had unintentionally sown some seeds…


Apparently I am growing acorn squash in the worm bin. Funny how when you aren’t trying, things grow. I was surprised as well because the bin is really dark… As it should be.

I was thinking maybe I would transplant them outside of the bin so that they start getting some light, until they are a bit bigger. Then plant them into a garden. I happen to be very fond of acorn squash.

My worms are super happy right now… Making compost like crazy.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress with my seeds.

Next on my list for the plant sale are impatiens and then lastly tomatoes.

Any pointers for seed sowing? I’m totally open for suggestions.

~ Molly