Germination Success

I was hoping this is what I would see when I returned to school this morning…

Germination Success. Est. 5-8 day germination period, Actual 3 days

I actually felt a bit giddy seeing that my little seeds had germinated and were popping their heads above the soil. They should be ready to transplant by early next week at the rate they are growing.

It was a beautiful day today. I love the cool crisp air that comes during this time of year. The greenhouse was actually a bit warm.

Class today included pest management in the greenhouse along with our regular watering duties.

We are also working on starting plants from other plant stock.

I’m really liking this new direction… I see my life getting much more peaceful and relaxed. I was thinking on my way home that I really don’t have any desire to work for anyone other than myself. I appreciate the flexibility that self-employment offers and the ability to work at my own pace and direction.

Working in Horticulture has the same potential as my previous career(s) of sucking me in to high paced, high stress engagements.

We’ve already been introduced to the various professional societies and spoken to about “advancement opportunities”… I’ll pass, thanks.

I am looking forward to getting engaged in my own process. I’m not in competition with anyone and have no desire to “advance”. My only goal is to gain the knowledge that I need to be able to feed myself and my family.

It seems like I am unplugging more and more each year, sometimes it feels like I am unplugging more each day. It feels good.

Fred and I are looking at a small green house for the back yard. Not sure it is in the budget this year. We’ll crunch some numbers over the next couple of days before we make a decision on that.

Question: Have you started Sowing any seeds yet? What are your crop plans for this year?

~ Molly