Playing with clay… Week 2

Fred and I continue to work on our projects. Making progress.

We started a business here in Washington that we plan on moving back up to Alaska when we go. Lovebirds Art & Design. That is why our work carries the ©LBAD2015 mark. Thought I would start practicing. 😉

Molly & Fred's Excellent Adventures

Fred and I worked on our projects from the previous week… I need to be better about taking pictures, I don’t have even one of Fred playing with clay.


I’m slightly disappointed with the class. We have a very good instructor, I am just more of a structured learner and the class we chose is more of a free-for-all.

It is a mixed class. Lots of different levels and experiences and Fred and I are the novices in the class. I keep looking for specific instruction but get a more relaxed approach.

It’s okay, I’ll keep asking questions and learning via reading and practice. I like to know the why’s in addition to the how’s so this is a bit hard for me.

We have some really great classmates though. All pretty experienced and happy to share what they have learned. Two folks brought us books this past weekend. One…

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