Another Day Another Dibble…

Today was another good day at school and in the greenhouse.

I’ll be the first to admit the irony of me being in a horticulture program… Me, who up until two weeks ago, hadn’t grown anything in YEARS!

I am learning a whole new vocabulary and thankfully I am learning this in a very safe and non-judgmental environment.

For instance, while there are many new words in my vocabulary, some have been more difficult than others. I asked without fear today what green manure was. No snickering now… I seriously thought it was waste produced by plant-eating animals… (or vegetarians).

Seriously, stop laughing!!! And for those of you who are where I was this morning, here is the definition:

green ma·nure
a fertilizer consisting of growing plants that are plowed back into the soil.

I love my instructor, actually I love both of them. They teach with compassion, respect and a ton of humor. They have made my learning process so much easier and a whole lot less intimidating. Thank You Don and Chris! 👏

Another new vocabulary word I have learned is Dibble. The first time I heard the word I had to chuckle a bit and I was actually afraid my classmates would think I was a total idiot… They didn’t.

gerund or present participle: dibbling
make (a hole) in soil with a dibble.
sow (a seed or plant) with a dibble.

late Middle English: apparently related to dib (also used in this sense in dialect).

A dibble is actually a tool. In class this term is used to mean “transplanting”, in reference to our seedlings.

Top: This weeks Plant ID specimens. Background: Dahlia seedlings awaiting transplanting (dibbling). Bottom: Seedling flat, temperature probe, 1st flat of dibbled seedlings, thirtyfive flats to go. 👀


If you look closely you will see that my seedlings have grown their second set of leaves… The cotyledon’s (see, another new vocabulary word) are the first set of leaves and then the new growth shows a serrated edge. Those are my Dahlia’s!!!

I will be “dibbling” all those seedlings into approximately 35 more flats on Thursday Crazy! I know!

Everything isn’t all roses though. When I got home from school I had to sit down and work at WORK, you know, that thing we have to do to pay the bills. Its going to be a busy few weeks but, I don’t mind. I like getting things done and feeling like I have accomplished something worthwhile.

You all have a great night. My head is finally hitting the pillow and I am fully expecting my electric blanket to get me all nice and toasty…

See you tomorrow!

~ Molly