Time Flies…

when you are having fun AND working hard!

I cannot believe that I have not posted anything in nearly a year. Where has the time gone?

Well, let me tell you.

This last year has been a whorl wind. It flew by so quickly that I cannot believe that I will be graduating in just a few weeks from a program I started in January. Come December 11, 2015, I will have earned my third academic degree… An AAS in Environmental Horticulture from Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

I am already using my education working in a local nursery and as a small business owner. It is awesome!

The learning opprtunities have been fantastic and I have yet to meet anyone that is not genuinely happy to be alive and working in horticulture. I mean who wouldn’t be? You get to work with plant material, work with people who like doing what they do, work with customers who want to be at your business AND I am able to help solve problems and educate clients. It’s perfect!

Oh, and did I mention the hours are awesome too?

The program that I am in is fantastic. Very hands on, which is how I learn best, and I am applying what I am learning constantly. I learn new things everyday. I get to be creative. I get to explore. I don’t have to get dressed up and best of all I am evaluated on my performance. Wow! What a concept! I get to be me, I mean ME…

So, big things are happening… I am including links below to my social networking sites. If you would be so inclined, please “like” my FaceBook page (the link is in the side bar along with some of my latest posts and pictures), check out my Thumbtack and LinkedIn profiles and if you are in the greater Seattle area please spread the word… I’m accepting new clients and thankfully have been keeping busy.


Michelle (aka Molly)