Thankful …

I am thankful. Very thankful. So very thankful that I am a capable and motivated human being.

Fred and I worked our “other” job today. A long 10 hours of installation of bamboo hardwood floors (Fred) and cleaning, painting, and touching up spots around the house we are working on.


This is the very tall stairwell I was painting today… have I mentioned I don’t care for heights, especially when perched on a ladder balanced on stairs…
Natural stone flooring in the bathroom
New bamboo floors in the bedrooms X 2
I am thankful that Fred and I enjoy working together. Personally, I just really enjoy his company.

Late night meal… too tired to cook

We talked a lot today about our Alaska plans… We may be delayed due to financing issues, but we’ll make it all happen. We are resourceful and hardworking and I trust that everything will fall into place.