Creativity boost…

I love the Fall and Winter seasons. The cool moist air with torrential downpours in contrast with the crisp blue skies and frosty temperatures on any given day here in the Seattle area.

Work (both at the nursery and with my business) has been keeping us very busy. Seems like a never ending opportunity to engage my creative skills.

Working with clients and getting to know them well enough to be able to make appropriate design and plant selections has been a highlight of my work as of late.

A client popped into the nursery this past weekend to show me pictures of the containers they planted based on design suggestions that I had made.  We picked out plant material to meet their needs and preferences and then I laid them out according to how they should be placed in the container… They LOVED it!!! And they did a great job! Their containers look amazing!

When I am at work, I sell A LOT of plant material. My goal is to help folks find the right plant for the right place. I do not even look at the $$$ volume of what I sell. That is not my focus. At all.

Some people get excited by the volume of sales. I get excited by building lasting relationships with people. Helping them find the most cost effective solutions to their landscaping and design needs because I know that happy customers will return again and again if they trust you and know that you have their best interests at heart.

I am not interested in a one time quick sale, I am interested in building long term professional relationships where people seek out my guidance and creative ideas. That, by far, has been the most rewarding part of my work.

I have been fortunate as of late to get to work on some pretty fun projects. Embellishing wreaths at work for the holiday season (all of which have been sold) and creating winter containers for inspiration.

A client actually hugged me on Monday for “making his life so much easier.”  He purchased my container greens…

I am also working on a couple of landscape design projects right now. Getting people excited about their outdoor spaces is super fun! I came home from a consultation today with a whole lot of ideas on how to remake a space for a client… Hopefully her client survey will reveal what she likes, and it may even be the same as what I perceived about her.

We’ll see! I am usually pretty good at reading people…

~ Molly