Graduation! 🎓

Yesterday was a BIG day!

Along with six of my classmates, I have completed the Environmental Horticulture Program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Woot! Woot!

2015 Graduating Class
2015 Graduating Class

This is an intensive HANDS ON program that covers a multitude of important topics, so many that it is difficult to cover them here. So I won’t. Put it this way… I feel totally prepared to handle whatever comes my way with regard to landscape design and maintenance and so much more – life, I feel prepared to handle life, and whatever comes my way.

Some folks choose to get a Certificate in Environmental Horticulture, I chose to pursue the AAS in Environmental Horticulture… Why not?

I am really going to miss these folks. I just spent the entire last year with them… Four days per week, all day long. They are amazing people!

Each one of us brings special talents and individual goals with us to our learning adventure. We each have gotten what we need from the program. We will each take our learning and apply it in ways that have not even been dreamed of before. It truly is a whole new world.

Our instructors were amazing! Industry experts that shared their wisdom and knowledge with us. Supported us and mentored us, all along the way. The support staff were fantastic. My family has gotten so much bigger.

Our graduating class is leaving behind a new class of folks that are just beginning their own journey, and I must say, they are also an amazing group of people. I’m going to miss them too.

As I lay in bed last night, I marveled at the realization that I had no homework that was due… No assignments to complete… No plants in the green house or beds in the arboretum to maintain. What on earth was I going to do with my “extra time”?  I have spent the past year going to school full-time and working full-time…

Well, that sensation lasted all of about two seconds! I am still working full-time, but I also work in an industry that slows down in the winter months (for some sectors). I have been busy with bid estimates and projects. That alone will keep me plenty occupied, not to mention that fact that Fred and I are moving from this house, very soon, and have a lot (A LOT) of cleaning, sorting, culling and packing to do.

Most of all, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you to my friends (old and new), my employers, my clients, my classmates and the staff/instructors at LWIT, the donors who contributed to the foundation that awarded me scholarships, which helped in so many ways. I could not have done this without any of them.

Even more importantly I am thanking Fred and my mom… For putting up with my endless hours of study and project work. For making them learn plant ID right along with me…for supporting my dreams.

THANK YOU! Because I really could not have done this without YOU!

~ Molly