Change of plans… Again!

While we don’t change our plans as often as we change our underwear, it sure feels like it!!!

It is a good thing we are resilient and flexible! Seriously! 

Our ultimate goals are the same, our location is needing a bit of adjustment. Disappointing? YOU BET! I can’t tell you how homesick I am for Alaska. There are so many things we want to do and dreams we want to fulfill… But alas, reality sets in and life is what it is.  

We don’t know if we are ever going to make it back to Alaska now. That makes me sad. At this point we are just trying to get by. Working non-stop to make ends meet. Not going to cry about it. Wouldn’t help if I did.

We still have dreams. Who knows if we will ever see them come to fruition. On a positive note, we are enjoying our work… Thank goodness for that because I cannot imagine working this hard doing something I hate…been there and done that and this is sooo much better!

I think it is time to revamp the blog a bit… I’ll be making some changes, so please stay tuned and if you have any suggestions I am totally open for feedback. TOTALLY!

~ Molly