About – Every Bit Handcrafted

Welcome to our site!

Who we are:

We are Molly & Fred. Two big kids finding our way in this world.

Fred and I met in Alaska in 2008, got reacquainted in 2010 on a canoe journey from Angoon, AK to Juneau, AK (35 ft ocean-going native canoe) and were married in June of 2014.

Where we are:

We currently live in Washington state, my home growing up. Fred was born and raised in Alaska, and I spent nearly 11 years in SE Alaska before moving back home to help my mom after my dad passed in 2012.

Fred and I were planning on moving back to Alaska in 2016, but plans changed. We are super disappointed about it, but being who we are, we are making the best of our situation.

In January of 2017 we moved from the King/Snohomish County to Skagit County. We still have clients in the Seattle Area but are focusing our efforts here in Skagit County. So far so good and business is booming.

What we are up to:

I went through a major career change a few years ago and spent all of 2015 in an intensive horticultural program where I earned an Associates of Applied Science in Environmental Horticulture from Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

This is a hands on program that covers plant ID, landscape design, pruning, soils, turf management, botany, and topics such as irrigation, tools, bidding and estimating and propogation via the horticulture lab.

General labor and “fix-it” services are provided by my husband Fred. His areas of expertise include general maintenance, painting, hanging doors, woodworking and diagnosing, troubleshooting and repairing mechanical systems.

While I have been working in the retail nursery setting since 2015, we have been growing our business and evolving our services. We are small, but we are growing.

Here is what we are doing;

* Landscape design and maintenance

* Pruning and weeding services

* Plant material selection and placement/installation

* Container design and maintenance

* Client Education & Garden Coaching

* General contracting

Fred and I work together on most jobs and fortunately we like our arrangement (most days anyway, Fred “quits” every now and then, apparently I am difficult to work for. 😉)

I will be working on revamping our website and blog, if you have been following us, we hope you will stay, if you are new to our site we hope you will join us

~ Molly & Fred


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